Pioneering grain-to-glass sustainability is an integral part of our strategy. We recognise that poverty, inequality, climate change, water stress, biodiversity loss and other challenges threaten the environment and the prosperity of communities.

Our continued long-term success depends on the people and planet around us. We have a responsibility to ensure that our people, our suppliers, the communities around our operations, our customers and consumers and society at large all thrive as a result of our business.

How we pioneer grain-to-glass sustainability

Core to our 'Society 2030: Spirit of Progress' action plan are sustainability goals across our entire value chain. Our sustainability work is divided into three areas; preserve water for life, accelerate to a low carbon world and become sustainable by design.

Preserve water for life

Water is our most precious resource. By 2030, every drink we make will use 30% less water than today and by 2026 we will replenish more water than we use in all our water stressed areas.

Our strategy is based on best practice water stewardship in three areas, water accessibility, availability and quality. We also are working in partnership to better manage water globally and to lead collective action in critical water basins.

Accelerate to a low carbon world

We know that our planet needs significant, science-based action to create a sustainable future. We have set ourselves a bold target to reach net zero carbon across our operations by 2030 and work with our supplier to halve theirs.

We have reduced half the carbon in our operations already and will remove the rest by switching to renewable energy everywhere we operate.

Become sustainable by design

We're committed to becoming sustainable by design. This includes making packaging more sustainable and eliminating waste from our value chain as well as work with farmers to implement, assess and scale regenerative agricultural practices.

We will design the change we know our industry and our world needs by developing and growing innovative partnerships through our Diageo Sustainable Solutions (DSS) programme, and collaborating with customers, suppliers, NGOs, research institutions, entrepreneurs and governments to help create a truly circular economy.


We’ve already made big strides in reducing our environmental impact, but we will not stop until we’ve reduced it wherever we can, by reducing packaging, increasing recycled content and eliminating waste.

Regenerative agriculture

We have a shared responsibility to restore the natural resources on which we all depend. We will collaborate with farmers to regenerate landscapes, create innovative agricultural solutions and protect biodiversity.

Designing change together

Through our innovation programme Diageo Sustainable Solutions (DSS), we invest in new technologies and partnerships with start-ups to advance more sustainable technologies and practices across the full lifecycle of our brands.

Principles for developing ‘Grain-to-Glass’ C.L.A.I.M.S. at Diageo

Grain to glass ambitions

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Our Society 2030 targets

Our targets are mapped against the objectives and timeline of the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

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Read about our ESG reporting approach and view our latest reports.

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2020 achievements

Our 2020 targets focused on promoting positive drinking, building thriving communities and reducing our environmental impact.

Our 2020 achievements
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ESG Reporting Index

Our ESG Reporting Index provides additional disclosures in line with the GRI Standards Index and our response to the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB).

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